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Lost a Pet? Let’s Find It

Losing a pet is like losing a family member: it’s painful and requires immediate action. It takes hard work and dedication, but you can find your pet.

Lost & Found Pets America is here to help you hold your loved one again. So take heart and let’s get to work. First, you need to know what’s effective and what’s not when looking for a pet.

Losing a pet can leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless, but taking action quickly can make all the difference in finding your beloved pet. Here are a few guidelines that can increase your chances for a happy reunion:

See for Yourself: Visit Shelters Personally

  • Visit all shelters and vet centers in your area daily for at least two weeks. Daily visits are crucial, because most shelters only keep lost pets 72 hours and relying on phone calls alone is not effective.
  • Carry a picture of your pet to show each volunteer.
  • Ask if you can post the picture at the shelter and/or vet center.
  • Tell shelter volunteers you’ll come by daily.
  • Visit pet adoption gatherings at major pet supply stores. Pet shelters often hold adoption showcases at pet stores on weekends, and your pet may be at one of these events.

Pound the Pavement: Make Your Commitment Clear

  • Pets can wander far, so post color pictures of your lost pet anywhere you can within three miles of your home. Use a lost pet poster template to get started.
  • Network with neighbors, especially those who walk, run, or walk dogs. Your lost pet needs all the extra eyes you can find, and your concern will motivate people.

Broaden the Search: Think Outside the Neighborhood

  • Check all animal rescues in a three-state area, especially any known for your pet’s breed or type. People often take lost pets to such rescues, because they won’t euthanize pets and have great adoption rates. Show all volunteers color pictures of your pet.
  • Search all lost and found pet sites online each day; don’t count on just one site—not even this one.
  • Post your ad on all lost pet sites, not just this one.
  • Search all local newspapers’ lost pet ads and lost & found classifieds daily for at least one month. Many people still use newspapers to list found pets.

Keep the Faith: Remember, Lost Pet Reunions Happen

  • Many people keep a found pet for weeks or months, hoping to find the owner before resorting to a shelter.
  • Some people keep a lost pet themselves but bring it to a shelter or adoption agency if circumstances change.

Avoiding these few things can help increase the likelihood of finding your lost pet:

  • Calling shelters and vet clinics (instead of visiting) limits effectiveness. A volunteer may not understand or remember your pet description or may not be working the day your pet arrives. Viewing all logs and animals in person each day gives you a far better chance for success.
  • Overlooking websites for local Humane Societies and Animal Shelters is a common mistake. Local rescues and shelters often offer lost pets for adoption online, so check both the found pets and adoptive pets listings.
  • Responding to a claim someone has found your pet requires your due diligence and caution in responding. Never meet someone you don’t know by yourself or at a private location.
  • Encountering a lost pet for ransom scenario is rare, but it can occur. Never attempt to make a deal in this obviously dangerous situation. If this does happen, obtain as much information as you can and call the police immediately for assistance!

The sad reality is that sometimes the pets we love are fatally injured on the road. Road crews for the local and state Department of Transportation (DOT) are assigned to pick up deceased animals on roadways. Animal control and/or local and state police will also respond if an animal has been injured on the roadway. These authorities often must decide whether to euthanize the pet or take it for emergency medical care.

If you’ve lost a pet, contact authorities as soon as you can. Although these calls are hard to make, checking with authorities daily for at least two weeks will either bolster your hopes each day or let you begin the grieving process if they must deliver upsetting news.

We wish you the very best in finding your lost pet and hope our site helps you do just that.

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