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Found a Pet? Let’s Get It Home

Finding a pet gives you the opportunity to reunite the animal with the person or people who cherish it most. It takes a little work, but the payoff is well worth your effort.

Lost & Found Pets America wants to make your efforts as easy and successful as we can. Use our guides to a happy reunion, below, and then post a free Found Pet ad on our homepage.

Keep up the good work. Someone out there is desperately hoping you will.

Here are a few guides that can help you reunite a found pet with its people:

Verify the Relationship: Be Sure the Pet Knows the Person

  • Ask for proof of ownership. Sadly, people will falsely claim found pets to sell or use in testing labs, dog fighting rings, breeding rings, or as misguided gifts.
  • Request to see a photo ID.
  • Record the claimant’s phone number and address.
  • Insist on seeing pictures of the found pet.
  • Make sure the animal knows and is happy to see the person.

Ask a Vet: Bring the Lost Pet Along

  • Ask your veterinarian to check the pet for a microchip that stores its owner’s information.
  • Check with your local animal hospital if it’s more convenient. Veterinarian offices and animal hospitals are usually equipped to check pet ID microchips.

Check the Shelters: Visit Facilities Personally

  • Check for lost pet postings daily in local shelters and vet centers for at least a month.
  • Carry a picture of the found pet to show each volunteer.
  • Ask if you can post the picture at the shelter or vet center.
  • Tell shelter volunteers you’ll visit daily.
  • Bring the found pet to adoption gatherings at pet supply stores. Pet shelters often hold adoption days at pet stores on weekends, and the owner may look for the pet there.

Hit the Streets: Post Plenty of Pictures

  • Pets can cover a lot of ground, so post color pictures of the found pet everywhere you can within three miles of where you found it. You can create a found pet poster using a lost pet poster template.
  • Talk to neighbors so they’ll know who to contact if the owner happens to ask them about the pet you found.

Leverage the Classifieds: Use Multiple Websites and Papers

  • Post your ad on all lost and found pet sites, not just this one.
  • Search all lost and found pet websites—not just this one—each day.
  • Post ads in all local newspapers’ lost pet sections and lost & found classifieds and search those sections daily for at least one month. Many people still use newspapers to find lost pets.

Avoiding these few things can help ensure the safety of both you and the found pet:

  • Surrendering a pet to someone claiming it without writing down information from the person’s photo ID leaves the pet at risk. Any pet owner will happily provide identification and pet photos or other proof of the relationship.
  • Use caution when meeting someone who is claiming a lost pet. Always take another person with you. Any pet owner will appreciate your efforts and gladly meet you in a public setting that’s convenient for you.

If it becomes clear the pet you found may not reunite with its owner, you can give it a happy home yourself. If adoption may be an option but you’ve left the pet with a shelter, you’ll want to get involved immediately and in person while it’s at the shelter. Once a shelter has had a pet for 72 hours, it will likely be too late.

If possible, let shelter volunteers know you’re interested. They’ll help you complete the adoption process, which should not be done over the phone. You can help the busy shelter by coming in person when adopting. Volunteers must verify that you will be a good pet owner and record other relevant information. They’ll also complete paperwork, so you can claim your new companion if its original owner does not appear.

If you simply can’t keep the found pet until its person claims it, snap a picture before surrendering it. If the pet must go to a shelter, posting an ad online and in local newspapers is a great way to help the worried owner find which shelter or animal rescue has his or her loved one.

If you find a pet wandering the streets and animal control or police respond, get a picture before they take the pet and ask an officer which shelter will have the pet. You can then post the picture and info free on Lost & Found Pets America and other online lost and found pet sites. Since most shelters have 72-hour limits to keep animals after receiving them, it’s important that you act quickly.

Caring for a lost pet and taking the steps needed to reunite that frightened pet with its family is an act of love. Let us be the first to extend our appreciation: Thank You!

To post your ad on our Found Pet list, complete these steps:

  1. In the Navigation menu, click the Post an Ad button. Click Register and complete the registration form. Or simply type your login information if you’re already registered.
  2. Next to Select a Category, click the Select one arrow, click your category, and then click the Go button.
  3. Complete the quick form about the pet you found:
    • In the Breed/Type and Color/Markings boxes, type the pet’s breed and identifying markings.
    • Next to Size and to Sex, click each Select arrow, and then click the appropriate options.
    • In the Date Found box, type the date you found the pet.
    • Next to Is the animal in your possession?, click the Select arrow, and then click your preferred option.
    • In the If the found pet is wearing a collar or tags please describe and Additional Identifiable Information boxes, type any notable details.
    • In the Finder’s Name, Phone Number, Email, Street, and City boxes, type your information.
    • Next to State, click the Select arrow, and then click your location.
    • In the Zip/Postal Code and Tags boxes, type your information and keywords about the pet.
  4. Choose the additional options you want:
    • Next to Image 1, click the Browse button and upload the image you want. (Picture size should be no larger than 600 x 600 pixels with a maximum file size of 1 MB)
    • Support our site by making a small, optional donation payable via PayPal and we will place your pet in the Featured (Pet) Listings section on our homepage. Thanks for your support.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. To ensure accuracy, review your listing, and then read the RULES AND GUIDELINES. To update any information before proceeding, click the Go back button.
  7. Click the Proceed button. (If you have selected a Featured Listing, you will be directed to PayPal to make payment.)

After posting your Found Pet ad, see it live by clicking View your new ad listing.

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