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Brown. Little Bits of White On Belly.

88 total views, 3 today



dachshund- pittbull-rhodesian ridgeback mix

Caramel brown colored fur with black stripes inbeded in the fur, he has a dimple in his fur on his right shoulder and brown eyes

91 total views, 3 today

SOPHIE photo (1)


Treeing Walker Hound

Honey Brown with white marking on face, chest and feet

85 total views, 2 today



?Miniature Pug/Chihuaha mix?

Black and white tuxedo with pug face About 1 foot high White Spot on back of neck near shoulder blades

136 total views, 3 today



Cairn Terrier

Red turning Grey Prolapsed anus, has difficulty eating and is skinny long hair 1 foot high chipped but no color

140 total views, 1 today

2014-08-15 14.31.09


Long hair mixed breed

Cream and tan color.

127 total views, 3 today




All Black with a little bit of white on chest

83 total views, 1 today



Lab mix

Black with Brown, Grey muzzle

87 total views, 2 today



Chihuahua/Jack Russell

White with tan markings

104 total views, 3 today



Italian greyhound

Gray and white small white triangle near hip missing left back leg

219 total views, 3 today



Yorkie Terrier Mix


253 total views, 3 today

Jack ONLY----March 2012--cropped


Chihuahua and Weiner dog mix

Light tan body with darker nose. Looks like a mini weiner dog with a short snout. Has the "apple-looking" head of a Chihuahua. He weighs about 5 pounds and i...

243 total views, 3 today



Wheaten Terrier

Off white curly hair w/ a shade of light orange on rump.

216 total views, 3 today



Hound mix

White with Black/brown face and a few of black spots on body.

202 total views, 1 today




Light and dark brown coat, with white spot in front. Not neutered.

169 total views, 2 today



Chihuahua / Pug

Light tan or some may say goldish

154 total views, 2 today



Mixed Breed

Tan with white color.

238 total views, 1 today

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