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Miniature Pinscher

Black & Rust

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beax - Copy



Black with tan legs. Dark brown eyes and black nose.

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Mix – Husky/Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard

Tan, Black, and Gray.

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Grey/silver and tan. Curly fur. No tail.

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Chihuahua mix

tan/white with one blue eye.

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Spaniel/Pomeranian mix

All black with white on mouth/chin.

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Brown and white. Brown around ears, eyes and neck. Big brown spots on back. Speckled skin underbelly.

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Brown and white. Primarily white with brown around ears and eyes top of head and neck. Brown spots on back. Speckled underbelly. He gets rashes on his skin due ...

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Fawn color with black mask

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West Highland White Terrier (Westie)


West Highland White Terrier (Westie)

White with brown streaks on lower back.

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He is white/tan but due to aging he is turning gray.

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Brown. Little Bits of White On Belly.

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dachshund- pittbull-rhodesian ridgeback mix

Caramel brown colored fur with black stripes inbeded in the fur, he has a dimple in his fur on his right shoulder and brown eyes

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SOPHIE photo (1)


Treeing Walker Hound

Honey Brown with white marking on face, chest and feet

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?Miniature Pug/Chihuaha mix?

Black and white tuxedo with pug face About 1 foot high White Spot on back of neck near shoulder blades

226 total views, 0 today



Cairn Terrier

Red turning Grey Prolapsed anus, has difficulty eating and is skinny long hair 1 foot high chipped but no color

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2014-08-15 14.31.09


Long hair mixed breed

Cream and tan color.

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