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Alexandrian parrot

Green light blue on tail, red spot on wings, black ring on front neck meeting with pink ring on back of neck, big orange beak. 21 inches head to tail.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.54.24 AM


African Grey Parrot

Grey with red tail. She talks and says her name, good girl, let go, I love you

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parakeet budgie

blue with purple/black beard

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Green, Orange, Yellow

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Yellow with a blue belly

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Jack 17


Parrot (Nanday Conure)

My name is Jack and I've lost my Mommy. I'm mostly green with a black face, black beak and white circles around my eyes. I'm about 12 inches long and have lo...

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African Grey

Grey feathers, red tail, crooked toe

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Turquoise, blue, and gold Macaw. Fully black beak which is smaller than a Blue and Gold Macaw's beak.

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