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The Inspiring Lost & Found Pets America Mission

Lost & Found Pets America is dedicated to helping bring lost pets of all kind home, nationwide. Inspired by a Toy Pomeranian rescue named BearBear, this website is for all who have lost a pet. Today, BearBear is happy and healthy, serving as a daily testament to the wonder and love pets are so ready to share.

We all know the profound love we have for our pets is far from unique; countless people cherish their pets and enjoy richer, more complete lives thanks to those friendships. An appreciation for all pets and the passion to help reunite lost pets with their people, on a national scale, drove this site to creation.

Many other lost & found pet websites exist, and we want you to use them! Our critical goal is to help pets get home to their people, so we don’t compete with similar sites. In fact, we recommend using every possible resource and site to find your pet. We hope to make your search easier soon by connecting with other pet protection sites in this mission.

Currently, the overwhelming number of humane societies, animal shelters, and animal rescues are stand-alone organizations. Even national societies operate independently from one another and similar pet-related organizations. We welcome such organizations to come together on the Lost & Found Pets America site when announcing any lost pets under their care. And, all lost and found pets ads are free!

Note—This is not a pet adoption site right now, and at this time our ads are reserved for only those who have lost or found a pet. Fortunately, there are wonderful pet adoption websites for those wanting a new companion, and we fully support their efforts.

We’ve created the Lost & Found Pets America site as a valuable resource for pet owners, animal societies, shelters, and rescues. Any group or individual can post FREE lost and found pet ads, and we don’t limit the number of posts per user. To help as many pets as possible get home and to support the selfless efforts of people who care for pets they find, posting lost and found pet ads here is always free. For a minimal $2.50 donation, you can feature your ad on our homepage in our Featured Listings section. This donation helps with our collective site donations that will benefit animal causes and assist in site maintenance. Your donation can only be made through PayPal at this time. Please be assured, our site is PayPal verified.

To provide maximum visibility while ensuring current information, we feature all ads for six months before removal. You may renew lost pet and found pet ads as often as you like.

If you’ve found a lost pet, someone can’t wait to see it again: post a free found pet ad.

If your pet is missing, we must act quickly: post your free lost pet ad.

To ensure your security* and provide quick and easy convenience, we use PayPay for all Lost & Found Pets America payment donation transactions. To make a donation to our site, all you need is an active PayPal account or just a couple minutes to register an account. Due to the unique nature and mission of Lost & Found Pets America, all donations are final. There are no refunds. Please keep in mind, you only need to pay with PayPal if you are making a $2.50 donation for a Featured Listing on our homepage. Again, all pet ads are free.

*Lost & Found Pets America does not store your credit card information.

To get involved, share ideas and help us grow, contact Lost & Found Pets America. Also, please register using the Sign Up & Stay Connected box on the Homepage to receive our email updates and all the latest pet-related news.